Schilke S32HDS Trumpet

  • Professional Bb Trumpet
  • .460 Medium-large bore
  • Hand-Hammered Bell with #2 Taper
  • Silver-Plated Yellow Brass
  • Includes custom case, Schilke mouthpiece & care kit
  • Exclusive 1 Year FREE maintenance program ($150 Value)
  • Manufacturer Full Warranty
  • Lifetime Repair Discount

Schilke’s new HD series of trumpets were developed to offer a darker core of sound with superior articulation clarity. Completely new design elements include a square shaped tuning slide bow and a re-designed mouthpipe taper and receiver. In addition to these features, the construction and design of the HD bell creates a solid, secure feel with incredible tonal depth. These new models are recommended for classical as well as jazz/commercial players alike. HD trumpets are offered in silver plate, 24K gold plate, raw brass or lacquer finishes.

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Schilke HD Series


MSRP $4430